So Long HP LaserJet 1300

It looks as if my black & white laser printer has given up the ghost. I was in the middle of printing out script pages and notes for the “Tinseltown Trio” series that I’m working on with Kleid when the HP LaserJet 1300 made a series of painful squeals and then jammed. Like any good surgeon I carefully cracked her open to remove the problem — but when everything was cleared and all of the hatches secure the blinking yellow lite of doomed continued to signal that the printer was “no more.”

I knew that the printer was on its last leg (or drum), but I was hoping that I could get another month or two out of her before she gave up on me. There’s not a lot of extra funds in the coffers to afford a new printer right now.

I’ve got a back-up InkJet printer, but it goes through ink like a Lake Havasu reveler at a multi-kegger on a houseboat during Spring break.


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