Monday Morning Musings (On Tuesday)

My apologies to my devoted fanbase of eight readers for not stepping up to the plate and getting a post up yesterday. Let’s just say that I took the day off for Cinco De Mayo. Actually, I didn’t take the whole day off — I used the day to catch up on some work that I neglected to get done over the weekend in favor of hanging out at my local watering hole, watching baseball, and going bowling — but I still didn’t get as much work as I needed to, or wanted to.

Speaking of bowling, it’s creeping into my life as a new hobby of mine. I’m not any good, by any means, but I’ve been going bowling with a group of friends on Sunday mornings. The first time I went about a month and a half ago I was a wreck the next morning. There were muscles and parts of my body that ached so bad I felts like the worst out of shape person on the planet. But, after a few consecutive Sundays my body seems to be adjusting and come Monday mornings I don’t nearly feel as crippled as I first did.

Last week there seemed to be a number of news bites, stories, and current events that I wanted to blog about, but they seemed that they’d be rather short and might not warrant posting about. I seem to have this notion that I should only post once a day so as not too clutter up the blog with too much and possibly have posts slip into the netherworld unnoticed. So, maybe this week I’ll go a different route and post more often throughout the day and see how it effects my page hits.

Alright, off to get some work done and maybe, just maybe, throw up another post or two today.

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