Do You Know The Way To Liberty City?

Today the world embraces and entrenches themselves into Liberty City, the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto IV. Well, there’s one guy that’s not — me. I don’t own a Playstation 3, nor do I own an Xbox. Word on the financial streets is that sales of Grand Theft Auto IV are expected to possibly reach $400 million this week — not this year, not this month — this week. At least we now know the true reason President Bush expedited the distribution of our stimulus tax refunds. But, let’s remember all of the revenue that will be lost today by eager GTA enthusiasts who are taking the day off in order to play.

Now, I also happened to have let the three previous Grand Theft Auto installments slip by me without giving them a try. And, it looks like the same will be true with IV as well. But, if I had a console to play GTA IV on I’m sure I’d be jumping on board. And with this being the first GTA title that supports multiplayer on a console, I could share in on the fun while racing around and shooting up the city.

Now, which comic book publisher is working on getting the license to do Grand Theft Auto? Come on Rockstar Games — it’s a no-brainer.


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