Yay! Scrubs Is Back!

Okay, if this isn’t worth posting or blogging about I don’t know what is… Scrubs returns to television tonight! (Feel free to mock me in the comments if you must.) I love my Scrubs, and I haven’t seen a brand new episode in over four months. I’ve been refreshing my memory on the six episodes that have aired so far for the series’ seventh season. For my fellow Scrubs fans who need a quick refresher and don’t have the time to view recorded episodes, I offer the following summaries…

Episode 701 “My Own Worst Enemy” (10/25/2007) — J.D. and Elliot find themselves lying next to each other, about to kiss. They close their eyes, but when J.D. makes his move, he opens them to find that Elliot is standing on the other side of the room – they can’t do this. However, Elliot tells Turk and Carla that she doesn’t want to marry Keith.

Episode 702 “My Hard Labor” (11/01/2007) — J.D. has spent the past several mornings the same way: he tells Kim she’s amazing and says, “I love you” to the baby but doesn’t say, “I love you” to Kim.” At the hospital, a patient refuses to have interns treat him; Dr. Cox steps in and tells his interns to do their job. Later, Carla comes home and gives Turk’s videogame system to J.D. because it’s distracting Turk from their baby.

Episode 703 “My Inconvenient Truth” (11/08/2007) — J.D. tells Turk that Kim and Sam moved forty minutes away because Kim took a job at another hospital. To make things even worse for J.D., his brother Dan shows up. Outside, a bicycling Ted yells at the Janitor for driving a gas-guzzler. Ted makes the Janitor watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” which proves to be an eye-opening experience.

Episode 704 “My Identity” (11/15/2007) — Carla and Turk are about to get it on in a patient’s room when J.D. shows up to take Turk away on a nationwide water-park tour. When Elliot arrives to kill Carla, Carla awakes from this terrible nightmare, upset that she’s been dreaming in English. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Cox that she’s taking their kids to her mom’s for the weekend, and he’s thrilled to have some time alone.

Episode 705 “My Growing Pains” (11/29/2007) — J.D. wonders what his baby is thinking when Turk asks him to shoot some hoops. Carla suggests that Turk would be better off spending some quality time with his daughter. Meanwhile, Bob mentions to a board member that he has a birthday coming up. When asked how old he’ll be, Bob responds, “58.” Later, J.D. and Turk hang out with their babies. Both of them miss doing goofy stuff with each other.

Episode 706 “My Number One Doctor” (12/06/2007) — At the nurse’s station, Carla tells the Janitor that it’s strange he uses a cowboy voice when discussing how “smitten” he is with his girlfriend Lady. Meanwhile, Turk and Cox tell J.D. about their contest to see how long each can stay in a room with a patient who has a smelly fungal infection. J.D. wonders why Cox and Turk compete so much since they’re not even friends, and he learns that competition is a cardinal rule of being a man.

So, fair warning to any potential phone callers or emailers expecting a reply from me between 9:30 and 10:00 PM tonight — you ain’t gonna get one.



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