I Should’ve Gone To The Game

I got the email at about 9:00 A.M. this morning. A friend of mine had tickets available to today’s weekday afternoon game between my Angels and the Cleavland Indians. But, being the “responsible” person that I am — coupled with the fact that I’m broke — I passed on the tickets. There’s little on this marble that I like doing more than attending weekday afternoon games. Folks in Chicago get to do it all the time, but they’re a rare occurrence here in Southern California — especially for my Angels. Just knowing that you’re blowing off the day to catch a game is aces in my book. But, I had pages that needed to get finished up on a script. I had emails I had to send regarding future work, and a meeting scheduled for when I estimated would have been about the start of the third inning. (Oh yeah, and I’m broke.)

But, as I wrote I did have the game on the TV in the background. Let’s see… In the bottom of the 2nd, Angels’ catcher Mike Napoli hit a grand slam (the second grand slam of the series against the Indians, with Torii Hunter hitting a walk-off grand slam on Monday night). In the 3rd inning, both Garret Anderson and Casey Kotchman hit home runs. And, in the 7th inning Vladimir Guerrero knocked his second in two games. Yeah… Who’d want to go watch that kind of fun on a beautiful Southern California afternoon?

Of course, my scheduled meeting never happened, and the one correspondence that I did get back wasn’t to optimistic. But, I did get the pages done that I set out to get done and sent them off to collaborator Kleid.

By the way, the accompanying photo is from Friday night’s season opener at Angels Stadium. (I’ve got to grow my goatee long again.)


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