I’m Darker And More Effed Up Than I Thought

I just finished writing a script for a short story that will hopefully be what the editor was looking for and will thus be included in a 2008 annual. It’s a rather dark tale — and I got rather dark. It’s probably the most twisted and effed up script that I’ve ever written — and that includes the screenplay for the never-to-be-produced Dr. Psychedelia And His Go-Go Slavegirls (yes, that is the actual title), a movie that I wrote over a three-day weekend that had to utilize the sets from the movie The Dark Backward.

So, the script is sent off and I’m waiting to hear back from the editor. Even though I’m not certain of its eventual fate, I’m damn proud of what I wrote and I feel accomplished. Once I hear back on what I turned in and I now I can talk about it you know that I will. Now I’m off to tinker on the “Tinseltown Trio” script collaboration — another rather dark story. Hey, kids! Remember when I used to write fun stories about super heroes hanging out in bars?


One Response to “I’m Darker And More Effed Up Than I Thought”

  1. mistressbacon Says:

    Good old days. Do you have the movie? I have it on VHS – if it still works!

    “I’m not a sex kitten, I’m a hellcat!”

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