Script Frenzy

sf_2008_icon_small.gifWhile I’ve got a number of projects on various burners of my writing stove-top, I’ve been enticed to throw together another creative stew to bring to a boil. In similar fashion to November being National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), April is Script Frenzy month.

Yes, I did make a meager attempt to write my novel back in November with the rest of the NaNoWriMo participants — and I didn’t get very far. Five months ago I had a number of other comic book projects getting underway and I just didn’t have the time that was required to fully commit to attempt writing a novel. But this time around, April is the perfect time to work on a screenplay while I continue to work on my comic book projects that are now moving along. It turns out that I need to write a new screenplay.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a screenplay — maybe ten or twelve years. I’ve written eight altogether, but I really need something fresher in order for my manager to show of my writing-chops to Hollywood. So, I’m figuring that this Script Frenzy event can serve as a boost to get a new screenplay started, and completed.

The screenplay that I’m working on is an idea that I’ve been sitting on for about eight months now. I’ve got other screenplay ideas that I’ve been kicking around for much longer, but the pieces to this script just fell together and lined up nicely. But, I am hoping that once I really get rolling this endeavor will help to spur on the other ideas that have been quietly bubbling on the back burners.

I’ll still be hammering away at the various comic book writing chores that are currently lined up, as well as prepping and getting more comic book writing work lined up.

For the record, I knocked out the first five pages of my Untitled Script Frenzy Project last night.



2 Responses to “Script Frenzy”

  1. forgewrite Says:

    Sounds good!

    It’s always fun to run into other Script Frenzy writers.

    I am also working on a script for the contest. I have not made it that far yet (time, I need more).

    But, it’s coming along.

    What is your script about? Have you written more since this post?

    Good luck and happy writing!

  2. Dan Taylor Says:

    Actually, I’ve fallen a little behind on “this” script, but I can assure you I’m well on track to write well over 100 pages this month — just might not be the script for Script Frenzy.

    Good luck to you and all other Script Frenzy participants.

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