In Case You Were Sleeping – “Play Ball!”

I drive a Toyota Tacoma — a Japanese import that I’ve enjoyed owning for over ten years now. But, did we have to export Major League Baseball’s Opening Day in return? In case you weren’t up early this morning — 6:00 A.M. Eastern, 3:00 A.M. Pacific (such as myself) — and tuned into ESPN 2, then you probably missed the first pitch, as well as the first game, of the 2008 MLB season.

For those of you that were catching your Zs as opposed to catching the game, you missed Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka’s season debut i Tokyo, where he lasted only five innings. The Red Sox, however, managed to still beat the A’s 6-5 in ten innings.

While other teams are still swinging and pitching away in Florida and Arizona for Spring Training games, the Red Sox and A’s have officially started their 2008 seasons  on the other side of the world with games that count. And, they each have exhibition games when they get back to the States.

For the rest of Major League Baseball the season starts this Sunday — a day of the week that should be Opening Day — with the Atlanta Braves playing the Washington Nationals. My Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (who have the best record in the Spring Training Cactus League) kick off the season Monday, March 31st, in Minnesota.

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