You Can Own Super Hero Happy Hour For Only $93.03

My friend Lance pointed out to me that a rather entrepreneurial individual that goes by the alias of IRENE_HANA is currently offering a rare and in good condition, neatly stored with no dust marks, used copy of Super Hero Happy Hour 01 for the low, low price of $93.03.


click for larger image

If only this was the going market price. If it were, Chris Fason and I would be rich self-publishing comic book creators. Now, I’m not certain if it is for the first single issue of Super Hero Happy Hour or the trade paperback which collects the first four issues. Either way I’ve got a box or two of both the single first issue and the trade sitting in my closet that I’m willing to sell at the reduced special bargain price of $46.51 cents — that’s more than half off of what IRENE_HANA is selling it for. I’m not sure, but she may be able to capitalize on the fact that the product features the original “Super” Hero Happy Hour title as opposed to the current Hero Happy Hour title.

But, remember… If $93.03 is a bit out of your price-range for hilarious super hero hijinks you can always download a free copy of the first issue of Hero Happy Hour at WOWIO.


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