I Crunch Your Milkshake

capncrunchshake.jpgCreamy, hand-scooped ice cream blended with real milk, vanilla syrup, and Cap’n Crunch Cereal, with whipped topping (malt powder optional).

I gotta get me one of these. Though I’m afraid that once I have one I might not be able to stop. What is it? The Cap’n Crunch Shake from Carl’s Jr. I first heard about this wonderful and delectable sounding tasty treat last week while listening to my regular morning radio show of choice. The on-air talent were proclaiming great accolades about decadent concoction and I knew then that someday I would have to consume this powerful potion what I can only imagine as being like sticking a straw into heaven itself and suckling its sweet, sweet nectar.

I believe today will be the day.

UPDATE: Alright, I just consumed my first Carl’s Jr. Cap’n Crunch Shake — and probably my last. As shakes go it was definitely nothing special, and definitely not worth the $3.44 that I spent. Oh, well.


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One Response to “I Crunch Your Milkshake”

  1. fason Says:

    cap’n crunch is possibly the worst cereal ever made…

    a lucky charms shake? i’m all over that!

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