Are You Ready For Some First-Run Programming?

It ain’t Monday Night Football, but there is something on television tonight besides reruns and reality/game show programming — and I’m looking forward to it. Sure, some might criticize my television viewing choice for tonight, but I happen to like the regular CBS Monday night line-up that has been absent since shortly after the writer’s strike began back in October. Tonight I get to enjoy two hours of simple sitcom pleasure.

mobigbang.jpgKicking off at 8:00 I’ve got The Big Bang Theory. This freshman effort definitely hit a bump with the strike, but it’s back tonight with the first of nine new episodes. If clicking with this show since it’s premiere makes me a nerd, so be it. While I get all of the geeky comic book, video game, sci-fi/fantasy jokes as if the writers had listened in on conversations that I myself have had in the past, I don’t feel at all offended for “my kind” being the butt of most of the show’s jokes.

mohowimet.jpgAt 8:30 I’ve got How I Met Your Mother. I never set out to be a fan of this show, but over the last two seasons I feel that I have invested enough time with the program that the characters have grown from acquaintances to friends — not quite close friends (they’re far from earning the same intimacy and bonding that I share with the characters from Scrubs). This show about relationships understands me, and I it — neither one of us is looking for a serious commitment, but we’ll hang out together while it’s fun.

motwoandahalf.jpg9:00 brings me Two And A Half Men. It’s the most entertaining multi-camera sitcom currently in first run. So, Charlie Sheen basically plays himself, and Jon Cryer’s awkward “sad sack” character is now middle-aged — but they both play the roles of brothers Charlie and Alan quite well for what is required of them for the show’s premise. The “half-man,” Angus T. Jones is growing quite well in his role between Sheen and Cryer, and Conchata Ferrell as Berta is hilarious. They get away with a lot in this show (in the forms of double entendres and innuendos), and that’s what makes it fun.

monewadventuresofoldchristinecast.jpgAnd, finally at 9:30 I get The New Adventures Of Old Christine. Technically this show has had new episodes for the past few weeks since it was scheduled to start later in the season. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this show — except maybe that it has broken the “Seinfeld Curse” of actors from Seinfeld not being able to have a new series succeed. I find myself separated just far enough from Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character that her neurosis humorous and not painful.

Then at 10:00 I switch over to a pair of Seinfeld reruns on KCOP and fall asleep. Sometimes I’m just a simple man who likes simple sitcoms.


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