Wizard World Los Angeles 2008

wizardworld_logo.jpgHey, hey! It’s another post that I get to mention Summer Glau, a.k.a. Cameron Phillips of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Though I’m more of a River Tam of Firefly/Serenity kind of guy. (Miss Glau continues to be neck-and-neck with the search term “ninja” bringing traffic to my humble blog.) This Saturday, Summer will be appearing at the Wizard World Los Angeles comic book media convention — I’m not sure of exactly what sort of show they classify themselves as. But, unlike Miss Glau, I am going to go that extra mile and plan to attend all three days of the event — Friday thru Sunday. (No offense, Summer. I’m sure your schedule is much more hectic than mine.) Though, I doubt that when compared to Summer Glau there will be a lot less people interested in me being there.

I’m going more for the business side of things — writing comic books and such. I won’t have a table to hawk my books, no panels to participate on, nor will have any scheduled signings at any booths. I’ll mostly be there to “bug” editors and publishers, scout artistic talent, and catch up with old friends and fellow colleagues in the biz that I haven’t seen or talked to since the last comic book convention (San Diego?) or longer. Swapping “war stories” from the comic book creator trenches is perhaps my favorite activity in attending comic book conventions — both on the showroom floor and after-hours at hotel bars. The comic book creator community is a rather small group — mostly made up of really good people. It’ll be good times.

I’m not going to buy much while at the show. I’d love to — the showroom floor is a bursting cornucopia of geeky retail goods and collectibles that I’d love to pack into my bedroom/office — but I just can’t afford it these days. The one true “fanboy” thing I will probably do is hunt down Donald Faison, being the Scrubs nut that I am.

So, there probably won’t be another post for the next three days. If you’re reading this and plan on attending this weekend’s show I hope to see you there. I should be back Monday, or so.

P.S. Miss Glau, if you are by chance reading this post before Saturday, and happen to see me at the show, feel free to approach me and lets discuss my plans for a Summer Glau/Ninja website.


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