Dazed And Con-Fuzed

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do work wise. My bowling injury really did a number on me — more than I thought — and I’m just now pretty much coming out of a Flexeril induced daze. Last night may have been the worst of it — not so much pain, but the muscle spasms in my leg. If anything, I’ve learned that I am out of shape. There’s no way a morning of bowling should have laid me out so badly.

With the amount of pages that I’ve fallen behind in writing you would think that I wrote with my left leg. I owe Kleid pages, and I owe myself pages. I’ve been handling a handful of personal and business matters  the last couple of days when I was milking my pain for gel-time. One of which is getting ready for Wizard World Los Angeles this weekend. While I won’t have a booth or table this year, I do hope to get as much networking done as possible. Unfortunately, I won’t have as many copies of Hero Happy Hour Omnibus on hand that I had hoped. But, with any luck all of the color art for Pirat Tales: The Curse of the Cat O’ Nine Tails should be in and I hope to show that off.

Speaking of Hero Happy Hour, a new announcement soon. Just waiting for a few minor details to be squared away.



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