Is It The Years Or The Milage?

Wow! I am really jacked up. I was whining about my back about three weeks ago, and yesterday I was complaining about my hamstring and groin. Well, apparently the latter has effed with the former and I’m hobbling around like an old man. It feels like everything is hurting now — well at least from my knees to my neck. I’m groaning like a man at least twice my age when I attempt to stand or walk. The few stairs at my front door? Forget about ’em. I let out a whimper as I scaled the opposing three steps.

Last night was a miserable attempt at sleep. I feel like I’ve gone a whole four quarters against a Pro-Bowl Defense. I’m a pretty light sleeper and I often switch sides many times in one night. Every time I would roll over the pain would wake me up. And, then there are the spasms. Ah, good times.

I’m trying to get some work done before I call it a day. I hope I feel better and can move similar to a human before Wizard World L.A. this weekend.


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