E. Gary Gygax 1938 – 2008

gygax1.jpgE. Gary Gygax played an undeniable role in my life growing up in regards to my creativity and imagination. Mr. Gygax was the co-creator of the original fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons — a dominant aspect of my life from my childhood, through my teens, and into my early twenties. I was eight years old — even before I would see Star Wars, which would also have a huge creative impact on my life — when I purchased the original Dungeons & Dragons box set of three mini rule books. Though I didn’t understand all of the rules at that time, it was the beginning of my D&D days that would run on and off for over three decades. I was even involved in a regular weekly D&D session that lasted nearly two years around the time that the Third Edition of Dungeons & Dragons was released.

With last summer’s announcement of a new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition I’ve found myself reading up on news regarding the game’s development as well as looking forward to its release this June. I have even been thinking of writing a project that would combine my work with comic books and that of the new D&D 4E — a comic book/supplement for the role-playing game.

I’m saddened with the news of Mr. Gygax’s passing, but am very grateful the creative spark that he provided some thirty plus years ago that ignited my imagination.

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2 Responses to “E. Gary Gygax 1938 – 2008”

  1. Daniel Warner Says:


    I had that mini-book boxed set too. My brother scored it at a garage sale in the late 80’s. It changed the way I looked at D&D (which until that point had been entirely about it’s glossy TSR offspring). That stuff was pure vision. Love dripped from the pages.

  2. Walter J. Murdock Says:


    Not to sound dark, but could you imagine a T-shirt…

    E. Gary Gygax

    “He failed his last saving throw…”

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