March Flix

Well, of the two movies released in February that I picked as possibly seeing — as slim as the chances were — I saw neither. Jumper didn’t manage to interest me enough to actually make the trek to the cineplex, and I didn’t see Diary of the Dead playing anywhere nearby in its limited release. Hopefully March looks better on the movie front…

ra_10000bc_poster.jpg10,000 B.C. (Mar 7) — In a remote mountain tribe, the young hunter, D’Leh, has found his heart’s passion — the beautiful Evolet. When a band of mysterious warlords raid his village and kidnap Evolet, D’Leh is forced to lead a small group of hunters to pursue the warlords to the end of the world to save her. Driven by destiny, the unlikely band of warriors must battle saber-tooth tigers and prehistoric predators and, at their heroic journey’s end, they uncover a Lost Civilization.

There’s no arguing that this movie looks like it’ll be full of great eye candy — but beyond that, I’m not sure there’ll be much more. I like nifty looking effects as much as the next fanboy, but from what I’ve seen there looks to be little more than that — a sort of Quest for Fire with a big bankrolled special effects budget. I’m also not sure if I’ve forgiven director Roland Emmerich for Godzilla. Perhaps if I hear good word of mouth I’ll set forth on a quest to catch this flick at the theater. Otherwise, it looks like it might be catching it on satellite.

ra_doomsday_poster.jpgDoomsday (Mar 14) — A lethal virus spreads throughout a major country and kills hundreds of thousands. To contain the newly identified Reaper, the authorities brutally quarantine the country as it succumbs to fear and chaos. The literal walling-off works for three decades–until Reaper violently resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists, including Eden Sinclair, is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary.

I’m a sucker for a good “Mad Max” type post-apocalyptic celluloid yarn. This flick looks like, while it may not contain any sort of deep story or plot, it will have a lot of nitty-gritty punk anarchy along the lines of the classic Escape From New York. Depending on how long of a flick it is, this may serve as an opportunity of worthwhile afternoon escapism — but odds are it’ll end up as a DVD viewing.

ra_hortonhearsawho_poster.jpgDr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who (Mar 14) — The imaginative elephant Horton hears a cry for help coming from a tiny speck of dust floating through the air. Suspecting there may be life on that speck and despite a surrounding community which thinks he has lost his mind, Horton is determined to help.

I think I’m just outright passing on this flick altogether. I’ve got no real interest in what is an enjoyable and concise children’s story drawn out to an hour and a half (approximate) movie with a lot of “filler.” The Dr. Seuss’ stories work great as they are — not everything needs to be turned into a movie. For the record, I’ll be passing on Hop On Pop and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish when they finally get around to adapting those stories into movies.

ra_runfatboyrun_poster.jpgRun, Fatboy, Run (Mar 28) — A charming but oblivious overweight guy leaves his fiancee on their wedding day only to discover years later that he really loves her. To win her back, he must finish a marathon while making her realize that her new handsome, wealthy fiance is the wrong guy for her.

Alright, we got a movie in March that might qualify as a date movie for my girlfriend. Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) is reason enough for me to want to go and see this flick. Hank Azaria is another plus as well. Though I find it interesting that Ross from Friends (a.k.a. David Schwimmer) is directing what sounds like a flick that could pass as a “quirky British art film.”

ra_americanzombie_poster.jpgAmerican Zombie (Mar 28) — Two filmmakers team up to document a group of zombies in Los Angeles and their struggle to gain acceptance in the human community.

I know nothing about this movie. I went to the official web site to check out the trailer, but was unable to view the whole trailer before it quit on me — so I still know very little about this movie. It sounds like an interesting concept. Whether or not I seek out a screening in its limited release depends on what I hear and/or read about this flick in the next four weeks.

So, the prognosis for March flix — Run, Fatboy, Run has a good chance of being seen in the cineplex, and maybe, just maybe, Doomsday as well. This year is getting off to a slow start for me, movie-wise. Possible April excursions — Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. May can’t get here soon enough.

2 Responses to “March Flix”

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  2. Chris Noeth Says:

    Do not watch the Emmerich movie!!! Aintitcool destroyed all hope!

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