It Was At That Moment That I Realized…

scrubs3.jpg…that when the end looks inevitable, life can sometimes give you an extension to carry on.

I was having a J.D. moment there — head tilted slightly to the left as my inner voice reflected upon the news that I woke up to this morning. My all-time-favorite television show (yes, I said “all-time-favorite”) may not be be going quiet into that dark night, just yet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC is in negotiations to pick up 18 episodes of Scrubs, which has been airing on NBC for the last seven seasons.

The fate of Scrubs unfinished seventh and final season has been in doubt due to the recent writers’ strike. NBC — which if you ask me, has treated Scrubs to something akin to the ugly red-headed stepchild — had aired six episodes of the seventh season, and is reported to be airing five more episodes beginning in April, but had yet to commit as to whether or not it would give Scrubs a proper send-off for it’s final season. There was talk of executive producer and show creator Bill Lawrence producing a series finale to go direct to DVD. Now, it looks as if that might not have to be the case.

ABC Studios (formally Touchstone) actually produces Scrubs, so the move only makes sense. But, according to Variety, NBC is now crying “foul” and claiming that they have first refusal to extend the show beyond this current unfinished season. This is the same network that has continuously shifted Scrubs throughout various time slots and provided very little marketing support for. Can the peacock get any more petty.

I was crossing my fingers that I would just get a handful of additional Scrubs episodes after the last new episode aired back in early December. I had all but given up hope on seeing an actual proper series finale being produced and aired. Now I might be getting 18 whole new episodes. Thank you, ABC.



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