Peeps Time Again!

peeps.jpgI’m not a big candy or sweet-tooth kind of guy. Sure, I like my chocolate every now and then, or a good slice of cheesecake, but I’m really don’t go nuts over candy — that is, except for Peeps.

I broke into my first 10-count package of the little fluffy chicks yesterday — guilt free. I’m not going to beat myself up about my craving to consume Peeps — it happens once a year for about a month.

Although I love the little sugar coated marshmallow blobs I am particular about my Peeps.

  • They have to be the yellow kind. Although they are available in a number of different colors — such as pink, lavender, blue, and green — I only consume the yellow peeps.
  • “Chicks are my favorite, but I can do “Bunnies” in a pinch.
  • Although Peeps are now available throughout the year for different holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, I only consume them during the spring when they’re released for Easter.
  • Sugar-free yellow Peeps? What’s the point.

So, if you’re looking to get on my good side you’ve got just over a month to procure some Peeps and hand ’em over. Come Monday, March 24th, I’ll be hitting all of the local markets and drug stores for their half-priced Peeps.

Note: Official Peeps website.


One Response to “Peeps Time Again!”

  1. saratoday Says:

    Initially I was against colors other than yellow and pink, but I realized the error of my peepism.

    Happy Peep Season.

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