Humpday Hubbabaloo

After waking up and turning my attention to the internet on Monday and learning of the passing of Roy Scheider, and then on Tuesday I woke up, turned on the internet, and learned of the passing of Steve Gerber. I was a little afraid to turn on my computer this morning. (Not waking up wasn’t an option.)

But, at least the Writers Strike is officially over — 100 days long I believe. No fingers are crossed that I’ll get a final seventh season of Scrubs the way creator and executive producer Bill Lawrence hopes to deliver. I don’t care if it ends up straight to video — It’ll go along nicely with the other six seasons of Scrubs that I already have in my DVD collection.

On the writing side of things, the second script for the “Tinsletown Trio” comic book series that I’m co-writing with Neil Kleid is finished. I’m trying to work on the fourth issue of Pirat Tales this week. I really want to get another project or two lined up. This whole “going freelance” thing is getting a little scarier.

On the home front, we’ve got a new roommate that moved in — a guy I’ve known for awhile — a good guy. So, routines are bound to change at least a little.

I’m not sure what new comics come out today, other than Hero by Night by my good friends D.J. Coffman and James Patrick. I’m not sue if I’ll make it to the shop this week. I didn’t make it to the shop last week either.

I wish I had a couple of ounces of artistic talent. I would so love to be able to create a comic book on my own. It’s not that I don’t like working with artist collaborators. I like the creative-camaraderie. It would just be nice to do it all from scratch on my own.

What is the official definition of “Hullabaloo” — a fuss, or uproar, right? I just went with the alliteration for the post title.


3 Responses to “Humpday Hubbabaloo”

  1. Terje (the Digital Piano Man) Brooks Says:

    hey man ,

    the great thing in the comic book is not he drawings but its what is written inside (the drawings only keeps slow people busy :) doing something )

    so if you can do the writing you can actually create your comic book and you can get the images done later..

    keep up the good work man

  2. D.J. Coffman Says:

    So learn to draw, mother crunker! — Seriously, you might surprise yourself. If you feel you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, or you can’t do it, on the side, get the book and do the course “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” — I know guys who could never draw before and now they can do portraits and shit after training their eye.

    Hell, learn to cartoon! It’s even funner. I’d love to see a little webcomic created by you.

  3. Mandi Humpal Says:

    Scrubs ROCKS!!! I usually miss the episodes on TV and have found Now I never miss any episode hope this is helpful and have fun :-)

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