Artist Needed To Join The Star Marshals

I got such a good response with my previous request for sci-fi artists (for another project which is still in the works) I’m looking for an artist to collaborate with on a science-fiction comic book that I’ve been kicking around for some time now. I’m just going to throw it out there, rather than be clandestine about it as if it were some sort of “top secret” project.

Below you’ll find the first two pages of a script for a 40-page comic entitled Star Marshals: The Korishian Voranese Incident — the first issue of a planned “episodic” series of science fiction/adventure/humor comic book.The basic premise for Star Marshals is the adventures (or misadventures) of two Intergalactic Justice Coalition Star Marshals as they traverse the galaxies in order to bring in the bad guys. Unfortunately for these two, they always seem to run into ill-fated circumstances that make their job even more dangerous and difficult than normal.Our two main characters are Cameron (Cam) Conner and Nicholas (Nick) Nowakowski. Supporting them is Ed/Lad a droid with two memory banks — their schizophrenic engineering/linguistics droid.

Cam is the older of the two marshals, being in his upper thirties. He’s been an I.J.C. Star Marshal for about a decade longer than Nick, and he often plays up the “seen it, been there, done it” attitude. He is a rugged — but not ragged — looking guy with dark hair, dark eyes, and a strong chin. He rarely smiles, but that doesn’t mean that he’s always pissed. He’s a tall man (6’2″ maybe) with a large build.

Nick is in his mid-twenties. He has only been with the I.J.C. for a few years, and a lot of it is still new to him. There is still a sense of wonder with him when they encounter strange new worlds and life forms. He looks like he might have just gotten out of the academy, or to be more exact — flunked out of a university after attending for seven years. His blond hair could use a haircut.

Thrown in the mix is their schizophrenic engineering/linguistics droid Ed/Lad. Most Star Marshal teams have separate droids for engineering and linguistics. Unfortunately for Cam and Nick, Lad (the linguistics droid) was damaged beyond repair. They were able to save his memory banks and transfer them to Ed (the engineering droid). This has in effect created a schizophrenic droid with two very different personalities.

The first “episode” The Korishian Voranese Incident introduces Cam and Nick as they stand before an I.J.C Internal Affairs investigation for supposedly being responsible for starting an intergalactic invasion. As the issue progresses the incidents that occurred in what should have been a standard assignment play out to reveal how they happened to be accused of starting the invasion. The catalyst of the whole situation is actually not what one would think could be the cause of an intergalactic invasion.

On the advice of a publisher that expressed interest, my ideal plan is to create a series of 40-page one-shots (with 8 pages of bonus material like “wanted posters” and “schematics” to total 48-pages) that contain a solid mixture of science fiction, humor and adventure, and that would read like an episodic television show (something similar to Firefly/Serenity without the western overtones). To sum the series up — it is a humorous science-fiction buddy/cop series — Lethal Weapon meets Star Wars.

If this sounds like a project that you might be interested in email me and I can fill you in on the rest. Unfortunately I’m not in the market for a “work for hire” artist at this time (the freelance writing coffers just ain’t that big), but an artist to collaborate with on a project to show off as we get ready to kick off the convention schedule.

PAGE ONE (Splash Page)

The I.J.C. field office resembles just about any federal building accept that it is in the future and on a different planet. The building should be about 30 or 40 stories tall. Perhaps we’re looking up at the building from ground level so that we can see a few humans and aliens walking about the grounds just outside of the building. In the sky (which should be a color other than blue) we can see a number of jet-cars and transports flying about. On top of, or on the side of, the building there can be various arrays—not too many. Maybe have an official I.J.C. transport docking to the side of the building.

Intergalactic Justice Coalition Field Office—Quinn System.

I.J.C. Internal Affairs Case No. 3588-853

MAGISTRATE (dialog caption)
“Marshal Cameron Conner and Marshal Nicholas Nowakowski—you are hereby under official preliminary investigation regarding the charges of Gross Negligence resulting in the Unsanctioned Korishian Invasion of the Voran System.”

PAGE TWO (Three Panels)

The Magistrate’s chamber is a large and well-lit office. The Magistrate is seated behind a large raised desk—not quite as big as a Judge’s bench. There is a gavel and a couple of electronic computer pads on the desk. On the wall behind the Magistrate is the official seal of the Intergalactic Justice Coalition. The Magistrate himself is an older heavy human. He has a pair of holographic “spectacles” hover just above his nose and in front of his eyes. Sitting next to the Magistrate’s desk is a Court Reporter. She is a thin alien and is typing on an electronic keyboard with a holographic display hovering just above it.

The purpose of this preliminary investigation is to rightfully determine if there is in fact sufficient evidence and…

who are standing at attention in front of the Magistrate. They have their best Star Marshal uniforms on. Standing behind them are a couple of other Star Marshals with blaster rifles held across their chest.

MAGISTRATE (off panel)
…or testimony to proceed with a trial in regards to the charges brought up upon the aforementioned officers of the Intergalactic Justice Coalition.

as he holds up one of the computer pads to study—peering over his holographic glasses as he does so.

First off, let me begin by stating that in all of the standard-Earth years that I’ve been a magistrate for I.J.C. I have never…

MAGISTRATE (continued)
…Never had two Star Marshals stand before me with accusations of such dire magnitude.

Star Marshals © 2008 Dan Taylor


Artist Dustin Evans did some quick preliminary sketches back in the day that I’m posting here just to spruce up the post a bit.


One Response to “Artist Needed To Join The Star Marshals”

  1. John Diemert Says:

    Hi is this on the level? Is this position for an artist still open? let me know ,and if it is a paying job and I’ll send some samples.

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