Angry Fanboy – 1


2 Responses to “Angry Fanboy – 1”

  1. sarita Says:

    U r absolutely right. This is a disaster and a shame. The event is way too big and it can’t accommodate the people who want to go. The organizers know how big they are and they know what happened last year and still they haven’t tried to do anything to make the changes to fix this problem.

    1. You couldn’t get to speak to anyone on the phone because it was busy all the time.

    2. The website was so busy, that it dragged and you couldn’t get the hotel you wanted to get. So when it came up, all the hotels that were close from adjacent to 5 blocks and they are all booked.

    I really hope that make changes for next year. Because down the line this will hurt them and I do think that people will start getting turned off by this and won’t attend.

    And we all know, money talks.


  2. marc Says:

    the eric powell sketch book will be the hardest only 3000 made have to be trhere on thrusdy night to get one

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