Heroine No Go

Well, after surviving Super Bowl Sunday, it would’ve been nice yesterday to find in email in my inbox stating that I was one of ten finalists for Shadowline’s Who Wants To Create A Super-Heroine Contest. It seemed like a great opportunity for anybody interested in writing comic books, so I took a couple of shots and sent in a few entries. One of them is posted below.


The Devil’s worst nightmare has just come true. His smokin’ hot daughter, Lucy, has escaped the bounds of Hell and is wrecking havoc on the fiend’s best laid plans. The demonic do-gooder is hell-bent on defying everything that the Devil stands for. Her goal is to save the souls of the innocents her father has “purchased.” The first subject of the gorgeous devilette’s vendetta against the Devil is a pop star diva that belts out music laced with subliminal satanic messages—gripping her young fans and shepherding them toward an anarchist annihilation of law and order of apocalyptic proportions.

It wasn’t until after I sent it in did I find out that Cartoon Network had a show called Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. While not exactly the same idea, I’d definitely have to do some additional tweaking to the story — first and foremost, changing the name of the character to something other than Lucy. The other idea that I sent in was an idea that I’ve been kicking around for awhile that I still plan on exploring. In fact, I believe I just found the right artist for it — so more news on that to come.

It’s probably just as well that I wasn’t one of the finalist (out of some 3,000+ submissions sent in). While finishing as a semi-finalist would be hard enough, I’m not sure that I could keep quiet about which winning submission was might — one of the competition’s requirements so as not to make it a “popularity contest.” So, congratulations to all semi-finalists and good luck. I’ll be sure to check out the next round.

I did, however, win big by betting the Giants to defeat the Patriots straight up with Sunday’s big game.


One Response to “Heroine No Go”

  1. Josh Says:

    Ha. No kidding.

    I thought you would only get a email if you were in the top 10.

    So when I saw the message in my inbox I was almost ecstatic, until I read it only to discover they sent a note to everyone displaying the top 10 and I was not on it.

    It’s all cool though. I created a couple of neat ideas I’ll use later on.

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