Which Race To Watch?

speed-and-trixie.jpgMany Californians were watching the Obama-Clinton debate from Hollywood last night. I wasn’t one of them. It’s not that I don’t care about the presidential race, it’s just that I was more interested in another race — that race being “The Fire Race,” episodes 16 and 17 of the original Speed Racer series.

You see… “The Fire Race” (parts 1 and 2) deals with the country of Kapecapek that wishes to close its borders to the outside world. This in turn does not sit well with the League of Countries, which demand that the borders be open. Of course a car race is declared to be the deciding factor as to Kapecapek’s foreign relations. If Speed wins the race the sequestered nation will be open to visitors. And, if that wasn’t enough pressure… the race takes place in the lava tunnels of an erupting volcano. Now that’s a race!

Yeah, I could pass on watching the debate guilt free. I’ve already made my decision and sent my mail-in ballot off last week. Now that’s about as political as my blog will ever get.


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