Irreconcilable Difference Engine

I’m about to do something that’ll make a lot of writers out there cringe (besides my misspellings and poorly structured sentences). I’m posting a premise that I have for a comic book mini-series. I’m just throwing it out there, rather than holding it close to my vest while I take the time to plot it out and give it the time that it deserves to be properly constructed into a compelling story. Why am I doing this? Because the subject matter of the story is rather time sensitive as it is my answer to the whole Spider-Man “One More Day” and “Brand New Day” storylines that shook the columns (and some say toppled) Spider-Fandom. Now, it’s not a “Spider-Man” story or piece of fan-fiction. It has nothing to do with the characters or stories of the Marvel Universe. It features original characters in a situation that deals with the nullifying of a long-standing relationship between two characters — one a super hero, one not. It’s called the…

Irreconcilable Difference Engine


The ultimate villain, MALEVOLENT, known to wreck havoc by tampering with the space time continuum, set’s out to destroy his greatest advisory, the world-beloved ultimate superhero, APEX, by setting in motion the destruction of the one thing that the hero holds above all else — his marriage to his wife YVONNE.


APEX was the world’s greatest superhero. For decades he protected and served the world in which he believed in… truth, justice, and the humane way. Although he was from another planet, he held true to these believes and with his great power felt it was his responsibility to champion their cause. That was up until the divorce…

While facing off against one of his longest standing foes, MALEVOLENT, APEX’s world is shattered when his wife of twenty years, YVONNE YOUNG-WHITE, suddenly files for divorce from WILL WHITE — APEX’s secret identity and alter ego. Now, APEX is thrust into the midst of two conflicts — each with forever life changing circumstances should he fail — saving the space time continuum from the destructive MALEVOLENT and surviving divorce. Both challenges promise to be downright dirty all-out brawls which will leave scars.

I’ve got no problem with the-powers-that-be wanting to make a super hero single again after being married for a substantial amount of years. But… it doesn’t have to be as simple as “devil magic.” Divorce can be ugly — I know. And even in a world of super powered individuals there’s room for “the ugly.” I really would’ve liked to have done this project. If I had a talented artist holed up in my closet to collaborate with I’d be all over it. But, I’ve got other irons in the fire right now and who knows how long it would take to find the artist to collaborate with. Some times you just have to let ’em go, right?

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One Response to “Irreconcilable Difference Engine”

  1. JoeKinski Says:

    I’d read it. In a heartbeat.

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