CBS Heads To The Great White North

cbslogo.jpgAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS Paramount Network TV is going north of the border to work out a deal with Canada’s CTV to produce a minimum of 13 episodes of a new police drama entitled Flashpoint. The series is said to revolve around an urban Strategic Response Unit (SRU) — in other words, “a SWAT unit” — that busts gangs, defuse bombs, and rescue hostages.

Is exporting talent from outside of our borders the future for America television in light of the Writers Strike? Hardly, but it definitely isn’t a step in the direction of settling the matter between the writers and studios. And, I’ve got nothing against Canadian TV — I was hooked on Degrassi: The Next Generation for a number of seasons.

That’s exactly what we need, CBS, more police dramas! Admittedly the “SWAT” angle is a slight shift from the homicide investigation angle. And, it sounds like this show could kick the asses of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and/or NCIS in a softball game — but still, it’s another police drama. The big question is whether the show will have as much of a kick-ass theme song that the original S.W.A.T. TV show had back in the ’70s?

I did learn a new word however, reading the Hollywood Reporter story — “skein,” which means “a TV series,” as in “It is not known whether ABC will renew the skein for next season.” I’m one word closer to being a “Hollywood mover and shaker.”


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