Caution: Falling Ideas Ahead

Today, I’m typing away on one of the scripts that I’m working on — really on a role from a nugget of an idea that dropped into my brain late last night — when from out of nowhere a small meteor of an idea slams into me.

I didn’t want to get derailed and fall off track with the original nugget that I was rolling along into something bigger — like a rolling snowball growing in size. I was determined to stay the course and keep hammering away at the keyboard with what I had going. Then the title of new idea showered on me. Damnit.

I sidestepped away from the script that I was working on and plugged away at a quick pitch/plot of my new idea. The thing is, this new idea is really of a timely nature — and if I’m going to pull it off I’m going to have to pull it off soon. But, I’m really dedicated to seeing that the first fruition of my imagination gets her deserved attention.

So, other typing this quick entry to bitch about not only having to be committed to write everyday, but to be committed to what I’m currently in the middle of writing, I’m back to the script at hand. My new idea will have to wait — but not for too long.


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