Trek Tease

The official teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie is online. And, it is a “teaser” in the truest sense of the term. But, there’s something else… A possible viral campaign? This seems to be the “new thing” in marketing nowadays. Star Trek director J.J. Abrams produced Cloverfield had plenty of it. In fact, just this morning I was looking into Cloverfield‘s viral campaign as I was researching a possible plan to use for (and there are all sorts of possibilities here). I discovered info on Alternate Reality Gaming ( and and it’s role in viral marketing campaigns.

It’s interesting to see Paramount taking this approach with Star Trek. With Cloverfield I completely understand the use of using a viral campaign to spread the word — but Star Trek? It’ll be interesting to see how this technique is used to promote the reboot of the sci-fi franchise. Anyways, you can check out Shipyard NCC-1701.


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