Feburary 3rd – Deja Vu – December 30th

Damnit. I was really hoping to see Brett Farve and the Greenbay Packers face off against “pretty boy” Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I like Farve. I’m not particularly a Greenbay fan — but I like Farve. I don’t like Tom Brady, and I don’t like the New England Patriots. So, by default, I’m backing the New England Giants come Super Bowl Sunday. But, I’m thinking that the “big game” might very well play out quite similar to the last regular game of the season between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Sure, Brady has had quite a season. He threw an NFL-record 50 touchdowns in the regular season and led New England to another NFL-record of scoring 589 points. But, I just can’t buy the fact that he’s the game’s greatest quarterback ever. I know New England came back from a 12 point deficit to beat the Giants in their previous match-up with the final score being 38 to 35. I’m not sure we’ll have the same sort of high-scoring game two weeks from yesterday, but I feel the game will look quite similar the the December 30th meeting.

So, come Super Bowl Sunday I ‘ll be looking forward to hanging out with friends and catching the new commercials that often prove to be more entertaining than the end-all-be-all sporting event.


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