No Seinfeld For Manning

seinfeld-manning.jpgI have a nightly ritual that I partake in on most weekday nights (unless there is a new episode of Law & Order: SVU airing) in order to fall asleep. And, that is watching two reruns of Seinfeld on local television at 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. It’s not that Seinfeld puts me to sleep, it’s just a routine that I’ve developed that seems to help me drift off to slumberland. Now, I’m not sure if Eli Manning watches Seinfeld for the same reason that I do, but the local Fox affiliate in Green Bay isn’t looking to make the New York Giants’ quarterback feel at home when they visit the area for Sunday’s NFC playoff game against the Packers.

Jay Zoller, WLUK’s general manager has decided to pull the Saturday 5:30 PM rerun of Seinfeld because the show is a favorite of Manning’s. “We do not want to give any comfort to the enemy whatsoever when they come into town, ” said Jay Zollar.

So, for the record let me state the following — If for any reason I’m visiting a city that considers me their “enemy” and they wish to deter my comfort by modifying my television viewing selections in my hotel room, let it be known that I absolutely “hate” free hotel porn.

Go Packers!


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