Hailing Frequencies Open — Official Star Trek Movie Web Site

stmoviesitelogo.jpgThe “official” web site for the new Star Trek movie is online — sort of. There’s not a whole lot there yet. But, with the teaser trailer being released in theaters in front of the J.J. Abrams produced Cloverfield one would think that this will be the site to click to catch the trailer online — maybe even as early as tomorrow. At this point in the game, visitors of the site are treated to what looks to be the new “official” logo and can register for updates. Forums and a Webmaster Program are promised as “coming soon.” The fine print on the site offers credits for crew and cast (listed alphabetically for the main crew and “with Erick Bana and Leonard Nimoy”), as well as a synopsis — a very ambiguous synopsis at that.

And speaking of the Star Trek trailer… My plan is to catch the earliest showing of Cloverfield tomorrow at the local cineplex — about 25 1/2 hours and counting.


One Response to “Hailing Frequencies Open — Official Star Trek Movie Web Site”

  1. David Says:

    Dan. The end of the teaser reads ‘under construction’ they ripped off my Bionic Woman spots! hehe

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