Sci-Fi Artists Update


Blog@Newsarama posts a link regarding my request for science fiction artists and hits to my humble blog nearly triple for a couple of days. I’ve gotten a lot of responses, and I’m doing my best to stay on top of them and get back to everybody (while I juggle the chore of finishing up two scripts right now). Some of the talent that expressed interest is exactly what I was looking for and it looks like I’ve got about four or five artist on board for this little sci-fi anthology comic experiment. I’m still keeping an eye out for more artist — though my criteria (if criteria is really the right word — maybe preference is better suited since I’m looking for collaborators) has gotten a bit more defined. This is in order to “click” better with the art styles I’ve lined up. Basically, they tend to be neat with a definite “style” and leaning toward the lighter or somewhat animated look I was shown some really great pencil shading and cross-hatching type of styles that would be better suited for another project. It’s still great to be shown a wide range of artistic talent though.



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