Conventional 2008? Part II

Alright… Where did I leave off with the upcoming comic book conventions in 2008?

Emerald City ComiCon — May 10 thru 11 — Seattle, WA — This show seems to be gathering quite a list of attending guests. (No surprise really, since the Pacific Northwest seems to be were a lot of the most creative people in comic books flock to nowadays.) I might need to make the extra effort to try to attend this show, especially if I don’t go to New York. I also have the plus of my other bestest friend of over 22 years living in the Seattle area. Chance of attending Emerald City ComiCon in 2008 — 33.3%.

Wizard World Chicago — June 26 thru 29 — Rosemont, IL — This show is probably my all-time favorite show to attend. In past years I’ve got to pimp Hero Happy Hour and have done really well. This show seems to be the perfect size with a healthy dose of comic books as opposed to “other pop media.” Plus, this is a good show to catch up with new and old friends in the biz. And, even though the show is still some 40 minutes outside of the city itself, I’m looking for an excuse to go back and visit Chicago. Chance of attending Wizard World Chicago in 2008 — 52%.

Comic-Con International: San Diego — July 24 thru 27 — San Diego, CA — “The Biggie.” Yeah, I’ll be there. I believe this will be my 10th year straight. This is the show to go to — even if it is turning into an out of control stampeding mastodon with all of the additional Hollywood, video games, and licensed properties that dominate the show more and more every year. I’m really hoping that this will be the show to spotlight what I’ve got coming up (if not Chicago). It’ll take something along the lines of a tsunami wiping out the San Diego Convention Center for me not to attend. Chance of attending Comic-Con International: San Diego — 98.6%.

Then of course, after San Diego one must catch their breath and recuperate. Stay tuned and I’ll wrap up my 2008 convention probabilities for the rest of the year.


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