Conventional 2008? Part I

A new year brings with it a new docket of comic book conventions scheduled to amass throngs of fanboys hungry for news and collectibles — including me. At most of these shows I’m hoping to either have new properties and publications to promote, and/or to be able to land myself even more new properties and publications to promote at later conventions. I’m not sure in what capacity I’ll be attending each as — fan, pro, or a mixture of both. Conventions of interest in 2008 are…

Wondercon — February 22 thru 24 — San Francisco, CA — I’ve been to this convention twice before and I like it. The show’s got a sort of “mini-Comic-Con San Diego” vibe to it — probably because it is put on by the same company. Last year I was there promoting IDW’s Star Trek line of comics with David Tischman and hanging out with the likes of Rick Remender. With only being about a month and a half away I doubt I’ll be making it to the Bay City show this year. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve currently got in the works would benefit me going as much I want too. Maybe next year. Chance of going to Wondercon in 2008 — 08%.

Staple — March 1 — Austin, TX — I’ve always wanted to check out the “Independent Media Expo.” Being a self-publisher of Hero Happy Hour I’m a big fan of independent comics. Brian Wood is the scheduled guest. One of my bestest of friends for nearly 22 years lives in Austin, so I’ve got that excuse to go, but this event looks like a wash as well. Chance of going to Staple in 2008 — 05%.

Wizard World Los Angeles — March 14 thru 16 — Los Angeles, CA — This show can be hit or miss, but seeing how it is only about 45 minutes away from my home I should be there — hopefully promoting what I’ve got in the works. The last time I was at WWLA I shared a stage with Gene Simmons during the IDW Panel — that was surreal. Chance of going to Wizard World Los Angeles in 2008 — 92%.

OmegaCon — March 14 thru 16 — Birmingham, AL — I’ve never made it to “the dedicated Science Fiction/Fantasy convention,” and with it being held the same weekend as WWLA it doesn’t look like 2008 will be my first time either. But, Birmingham happens to be the stompin’ grounds of my Hero Happy Hour co-conspirator, Chris Fason. So, I’m going to go ahead and declare that he will be there in my place. Got it, Chris? Chance of going to OmegaCon in 2008 — 00%.

New York Comic Con — April 18 thru 20 — New York City, NY — This is a realitively new show tha’s really gaining speed. I’d really like to go to the Big Apple to attend this show, but I don’t think it’s in the financial cards. If it turns out to be the show to promote something and I’m going on someone else’s dime, I’d definitely go. But, maybe by April I can pull something together. Chance of going to New York Comic Con in 2008 — 12%.

Coverage and chances on more conventions occurring in 2008 to follow. Stay tuned.


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