8 Resolutions For ’08

It’s that time of the year when I decide that I’m going to be a “take charge of my life” kind of guy and set forth a number of goals, both lofty and lesser, to better my existence and person outwardly and inwardly (okay, that’s about as self-philosophical that I’ll ever get here) in the announcing of resolutions for the New Year.

In no particular order…

  1. Write every day. Like any skill, writing requires practice. And if I’m going to claim to be a writer I have to remember to practice. I’ve got plenty of half-baked and unfinished scripts, stories, concepts, and ideas bubbling and splattering all over a range of more back-burners than are in the studios of the Food Network. And, I’m not talking about just a quick post on this blog either. Besides the comic book scripts I’m writing to pay the rent, I’d like to finish another screenplay or two this year, a handful of complete short stories, maybe a novella (I’m not going to push it with a novel).
  2. Post every day. I’d like to not have a single gap in posts on this blog for the entire year of 2008 — including weekends. They don’t have to be long-winded posts disguised as my attempts to fulfill the above resolution (since I’ve already declared that option moot), but something either entertaining or informative, maybe personal.
  3. Be more artistic. When I was a kid I use to draw all of the time. I’m not sure why I stopped. Wait, yes I am. I got lazy. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t explore creative avenues such as drawing, painting, sculpting, taking pictures, etc… to help spur my creativity in writing. I’m always thinking up of images in my overactive imagination. Might as well try to bring a few of them out.
  4. Read more. I’m horrible when it comes to reading. Other than comic books and scripts and books involving work, I think I read one novel from cover to cover last year — Warren Ellis’ Crooked Little Vein. I’ve got to do better than that. Writers need to read, period.
  5. See more movies. Once upon a time, I was a film major at Cal State Long Beach. I went to see movies all of the time — three or four times a week. I was a movie junkie. While I don’t plan on being as prolific with my cinema treks this year, I do want to get out to the cineplex more often. I think I want to the movies maybe four times in ’07.
  6. Improve communications with contacts and connections. If I’m really going to get anywhere in my chosen profession I have to a better job with communicating with others in the same field. It ain’t going to do me any good to hole myself up writing the great American comic book if I’m not making an effort to maintain contact with the outside world.
  7. Get more organized. Seriously, the very desk that I’m typing these resolutions at is in shambles. The area around the desk is in shambles. I’ve got no idea where things are. I’ve got stacks of papers, books (most unread — see above) comic books, files, boxes, folders, etc… I have no idea where I’m at with various projects. I have no idea where said projects are even at on my desktop or laptop computers. Spring cleaning definitely has to occur before March 20th.
  8. Lose weight. Ah, yes… the inevitable resolution. Drop the unwanted pounds and get healthier. I just weighed myself and I’m tipping the scales at 215 lbs. I’d be happier to weigh in at under 200 lbs. I’d be much happier to weigh in at under 185 lbs. Either goal is doable. Either goal is very doable if I give up the beer (which is definitely not a resolution). I’ll try to eat healthier and get more exercise.

So there you have it. My eight resolutions for 2008. I’m not sure how I’ll do on all eight, but I definitely feel that they are all steps in the right direction for a happier and healthier — in mind, body, and spirit — Dan Taylor.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’ve got to put off writing and reading, avoid going to the movies, ignore my artistic urges and email, and eat and drink as much as I can before 01-01-08 12:00 AM.


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