2.5 Outta The Top 10 Of 2007

With 2007 winding down let’s take a look at the Top 10 Grossing Movies of the year and why I was a horrible movie fan…

ra_wildhogs.jpg10. Wild Hogs [Total Gross: $168,273,550] You’re kidding me, right? This film beat out contenders such as Live Free, Or Die Hard or Knocked Up. Had I Am Legend been released a week or two earlier than its December 14th release date I’m sure we wouldn’t be seeing Wild Hogs on the Ten Top Grossing Movies of 2007 List. This movie was in-flight offering on two flights I was on during the summer and I still couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I have no guilt about missing this one.

ra_thesimpsonsmovie.jpg09. The Simpsons Movie [Total Gross: $183,132,370] I fully intended to go see this — I am fan of The Simpsons, after all. But, I missed it. Well, most of it anyway… I did see about the first half hour or so of a screener copy that I got from a “friend” before it crapped out on me. I’ve got another copy and it is currently residing on my “to view” pile. But, what I did see of it didn’t really “wow” me — though it definitely did look sharper than an average tv episode. I’m going to go ahead and blame the girlfriend for not seeing it in the theater. I offered, but she passed.

ra_ratatouille.jpg08. Ratatouille [Total Gross: $206,445,654] While I did most of the work Pixar has done over the years, I had no attention of catching this flick in the theater. I’m not a big fan of catching my “kid movies” during their initial run at the cineplex — too many… kids. I figured it would be a good DVD — even a good DVD purchase, rather than a rental. I’ll probably pick up the DVD, along with detergent and cat food, on one of my next trips to Target to go along with the DVD copies of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo that I have in the DVD cabinet.

ra_300.jpg07. 300 [Total Gross: $210,614,939] I’ve got the graphic novel this movie is based on sitting on my shelf — just never got to the theater to see the movie. With all of the hype surrounding it around the time of the San Diego International Comic-Con I intended to catch the flick while in theaters — figuring it to be an eye-candy gorgeous epic — but I didn’t. This is another movie that my girlfriend balked at seeing when I suggested that we should go. I don’t blame her, really — not her “cup of tea.” I haven’t picked up the DVD for it yet. Not sure if I will now either. We’ll see if it grabs me when it shows up on DirecTV. It won’t take much to get it listed on my “to buy” list. I am looking forward to 300 director Zach Snyder’s interpretation of Watchman however and fully intend to see that in the theater upon its release.

ra_thebourneultimatum.jpg06. The Bourne Ultimatum [Total Gross: $227,471,070] I haven’t seen any of the other Bourne movies — how many have there been, anyways? — and I don’t plan on seeing this one. Nothing against Matt Damon. Nothing against fast-paced action flicks. Though, I will admit that I respect the healthy and wealthy franchise that the Bourne films are becoming. I pretty much figure this to be a “new James Bond” for a new generation. Not to be confused with the newly retooled James Bond franchise that is also looking to serve as a “new James Bond” for a new generation.

ra_harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix.jpg05. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Total Gross: $292,004,738] Alright, i can’t blame the girlfriend for missing this one. I blame Harry Potter. I haven’t read a single Harry Potter book, nor have I seen a single Harry Potter. I just have no interest. And this is coming from a nerd who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons. Maybe down the line when I’ve got my own children this might be a franchise I’ll check out in order to share with my offspring — something we can all geek out over. I just hope that the Harry Potter movies can stand the test of time and hold up. But until then… I don’t care who’s died or who’s allegedly gay.

ra_piratesofthecaribbeanatworldsend.jpg04. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End [Total Gross: $309,420,425] Hey! I saw this one! Like there was ever going to be any doubt. “I dig pirates,” says the guy writing a comic book called Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails. I loved the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies — even if the second one seemed a bit long in length and short in resolution. The third cinematic adventure of Captain Jack Swallow and crew was entertaining, though perhaps a bit wackier and “fantastic” than the previous two voyages. Already got this on DVD to go along with the other two.

ra_transformers.jpg03. Transformers [Total Gross: $319,071,806] Hey! Two in a row that I’ve seen! I’m on a roll. I actually saw this flick before it opened wide while attending Bot309Con 2007 in Providence, RI. The two years or so before the release of this movie I was serving as Editor on much of IDW’s line of Transformers comic books. I knew a lot about this movie going in — the script had sat on my desk for over a year — and I was still really impressed with the final product. This movie was as about as much as a “summertime blockbuster” movie as a movie can be. I’m sure Transformers 2 will make 2009’s Top 10 Grossing Films List.

ra_shrekthethird.jpg02. Shrek the Third [Total Gross: $321,012,359] The roll is over. I caught the first Shrek on DVD. Liked it well enough, but only caught parts of the second Shrek on DirecTV. So it was no surprise when this came and left and I didn’t see it. Nothing against the green ogre, but I felt it pretty much played out its course in the first movie. When, or if, I catch Shrek the Third on satellite in a few months I’ll give it a fair chance — but I won’t be going out of my way to see it. I also didn’t catch the Shrek holiday special this last couple of weeks either.

ra_spiderman3.jpg01. Spider-Man 3 [Total Gross: $336,530,303] Someone is bound to alert the nerd police and require me to forfeit my nerd card. Not only did I not see the number one grossing movie of 2008 — I didn’t see the third cinematic installment of my all-time favorite super hero. When it came out in theaters I seemed to be busy with a lot of “other things” and my girlfriend wasn’t keen on seeing it either. (Sorry, babe, I gotta blame you for this one, too.) So this one fluttered through the web. As summer came to an end I figured I would watch it in the comfort of my own home when I got the DVD for Christmas (like I did the previous two Spider-Man movies), but Santa didn’t come through for me. It’s now top on my list of to get DVDs with my various gift cards — I swear.

So, there you have it. I saw about two and a half of the top 10 Grossing Movies of 2007 (which happened to have a combined gross of over two and a half billion dollars). Not a very good record for a guy that was a film major in college.



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