To Boldly Go To Long Beach.

startrektour.jpgIt’s still up in the air as to whether or not I’ll catch the Van Halen Fall 2007 tour when they roll into town in a few weeks (the day before and after my birthday — maybe their playing my surpris birthday party), but my “nerd card” would probably be revoked and I’d have to give up any all privileges that I have in the “geek club” if I were to somehow miss Star Trek: The Tour when it kicks off at the Queen Mary next month.

Launching on January 18th in Long Beach, California (about a 30 minute drive up PCH), this multi-year and 40 city tour promises to be an interactive, action-packed experience that will feature exhibits from all five TV shows and each of the 10 movies.Highlights supposedly include:

  • The chance to take a ride through a Star Trek adventure in four full-motion, show-based flight simulators.
  • An all-new multimedia Encounter Theater, built like a theater in the round with 360 degree video screens. Computer-generated sequences put visitors in the middle of the Star Trek action.
  • The opportunity for exhibit-goers to sit on a full-size Enterprise bridge from the original TV series and have their photo taken and superimposed with an image of the original cast – including Spock, McCoy and Scotty – to look as if the Enterprise crew is standing right next to them.
  • Detailed recreations of original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including Captain Picard’s quarters, Dr. Crusher’s sick bay and the majestic NCC-1701-D Bridge.
  • The ability for guests to star with the original cast in an episode of their choice and watch themselves interact with Star Trek icons such as Spock and Scotty. Guests can take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends.

I don’t think I need my photo superimposed with Scotty or Spock. Nor, do I need a DVD of my interaction to share with family and friends, but being a long-time Star Trek fan there does seem to be plenty interesting exhibits and attractions to make the half hour drive north worthwhile.

Oh! And it opens the same weekend as my girlfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday, doll. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled.



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