The Darkest Place On Earth

My girlfriend and I popped over to “The Park” last night for a few hours. One of the advantages of living fifteen minutes away and having a season pass you can just pop over to Disneyland for a couple of hours and sound pretentious by referring to it as “The Park.” We don’t use our passes often enough, but it only takes about a visit and a half to get your moneys worth when you compare it to buying tickets on any giving day that you’d happen to go to the park.

We figured that after six p.m. on a very chilly Sunday night that “The Park” wouldn’t necessarily be crowded — tourists are winding down their weekend getaways and the kids have school in the morning, right? “The Park” was packed. I’ve been to Disneyland on some real busy days — much worse than last night — but I was still surprised to find so many people still pouring into the park after eight p.m.

We only hit one ride — the Haunted Mansion, or the Haunted Mansion Holiday to be more exact. This is the Nightmare Before Christmas make-over, and it was the first time I experienced it since they began the seasonal tradition in 2001. Having been on the ride countless times before it was interesting to see a new version, and I can check it off of my “Disney-To-Do-List.”

I noted that a lot of other attractions were down, including Big Thunder Mountain, The Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (which I still have yet to go on), Astro Orbitor. I still haven’t been on the revamped Submarine Voyage, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage — I didn’t feel like waiting in line for about an hour.

We didn’t hit one of my all-time favorite attractions, Pirates of the Carri bean. I would’ve felt guilty knowing that I had a Pirat Tales script at home to work on rather than being at Disneyland.

Another thing I noticed about “The Park” was that it seemed awfully dark. Now I understand the lighting might be different for the holiday scheme, but some areas just seemed too dark. If I wasn’t in “the happiest place on Earth” I might have thought that I was on Elm Street — spooky, and not in a Jack Skeleton taking over the Haunted Mansion kind of way.


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