The Looming “Four-Oh”

It’s December 1st. In eighteen days — on December 19th — I’ll be forty years old. They say with age comes wisdom. Well, I’m still in the dark about many things. Like… Where in the hell is my flying car? Weren’t we all supposed to have flying cars by now. I remember thinking as a kid of say… eight or nine years old, that flying cars would common — two in every hovering garage. If not flying cars, can’t we all at least get personal flying jet packs? And, weren’t we supposed to be colonizing the Moon by now? Vacationing on Mars?

Regardless, I’ve got a lot in the works for being 4-0 in the ’08 — I figure it’s now or never. So here’s to being a little bit grayer, a little bit older, and — supposedly — a little bit wiser.


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