Crackin’ Skulls

Well, at least one skull. And technically I don’t believe the skull was actually cracked. But it sure as hell hurt. Sunday evening the ever so graceful and nimble yours truly took a spill and SMACK! It happened in the bathroom. I fell back into the tub and the back of my head slammed into the built in soap dish. Upon noticing the amount of blood gushing out of the wound — and the fact that my bathroom instantly turned into what looked like the set from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — I got my ass to the emergency room right quick. Ah, nothing like getting your head stitched up in the E/R to finish up a weekend. I’m not sure exactly how many stitches — definitely more than a dozen, maybe 18 or so. Just when I finally got all of the stitches and staples out of my back a couple of weeks back.

Tomorrow I get on a plane to fly up to my folks house for Thanksgiving. So, Mom, if you’re reading this (and I doubt you are so nobody needs to point it out to her) everything is okay, but I had to go to the Emergency Room on Sunday and get a few stitches. I figured I’d just wait and explain it when I got there.

So that’s the main reason there was not a post yesterday. Right now with the bandage wrapped around my head I look like the flute player marching with the two drummers from the Revolutionary War picture.

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