Scripting Babes and Rats

I handed in two comic book scripts this week — one on Wednesday and another on Thursday. The two scripts couldn’t be more different. The first script I turned it is the first issue of a five issue story that I’m co-writing with Neil Kleid. To be honest, it was a little bumpy figuring out how and where we were going to go, but the journey should be smooth sailing from here on out. It’s got sex, drugs, murder, and three hot chicks that I like to call the “Tinseltown Triplets.” The image below is courtesy of artist Chris Moreno.


The second script that I turned it was for the second issue of another five issue story that I’m writing solo that deals with swashbuckling vermin on the high seas called Pirat Tales. The image below is courtesy of Orlando Baez.


I feel accomplished. So the day that I took off today catching up with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (which reminds me that I have to work on the zombie anthology project next week) and a little World of Warcraft is completely guilt free.


One Response to “Scripting Babes and Rats”

  1. monster7of9 Says:

    I am interested in seeing Chris Moreno’s artwork on this new project. He is a cool guy I met in Orlando’s Megacon, funny as hell, and great bowler.

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