Wanna Shot?

I decided that I’m going to start collecting shot glasses. I made my decision not based on the fact that I already own a number of various shot glasses, or that I’m in the market to find something new to collect. I decided that I would start collecting shot glasses because I have the perfect place to store and display them in my house.

I’ve got this cabinet built into the wall in my hallway that is 66 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and only 4 inches deep — not necessarily ideal for linens or towels. But, a collection of small shot glasses…


As you can see from the photo of the cabinet above I’ve already got a small collection started. These are random shot glasses that I already found around the house. I figure shot glasses are a pretty nifty thing to collect — they’re numerous designs and types and they can be used with the bottle of J√§germeister that I’ve got chilling in the freezer. As my collection grows I’ll have to add a couple of more shelves, but that’s easy enough.

And, shot glasses seem relatively easy to collect. They make nice little mementos acquired during traveling. They’re an easy out as far as gifts go for anybody feeling the need to get me a gift. And they’re relatively cheap.

I thought about using the space for an action figure collection — the small 3 3/4″ type like Star Wars or G.I. Joe, but there aren’t any action figure lines out there that are really floating my boat. Hot Wheels were another possibility, but I’ve never really been into those, or Matchbox Cars. Maybe if the cabinet doors were of glass and the contents could constantly be on display a collection of type of small toy would be cool. But for now, I think I’ll collect shot glasses.



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