¿Dónde Está La Biblioteca?

I’ve discovered my neighborhood public library. Actually, I’ve known of its existence since they started construction on it a few years ago. The Donna & John Crean Mariners Branch Library officially opened last year in April. It’s just that yesterday was the first time that I actually utilized my neighborhood library’s resources.

Currently at home my bathroom is having some work done and it’s a little hard to get any writing (or even web surfing) done when you’ve got blaring power sanders and obnoxious paint fumes emanating from down the hall. So, I thought I’d take my show on the road and I walked over to the library — it really is in my neighborhood at about a block away.

Upon entering I got myself a bright shiny new library card. I haven’t had one of those in probably over 25 years. Then I sat down at one of the cubicles, pulled out my laptop, and got a lot of work done — probably more work than I would’ve gotten done at home. (At least in the three hour period that I worked.) I think I found my “office” away from my home office.

One of the concerns that I had about writing and working at home was distraction. It’s so easy to get distracted when I’m trying to work at home. There are chores to do, television to watch, errands to run, etc… Having a place to “go to” in order to work seems to help me get more into a work-mode. The library seems to work out quite well. In fact, I’m surrounded by thousands of books for not only reference, but inspiration as well.

So, I’m going to wrap up this post and get to work. Oh, yeah… I’m typing this up and posting it via the library computer.


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