SoCal Firestorms

The good news is that my home is not threatened — but there are wildfires all over the southland. The closest fire is about 18 to 20 miles away, the Santiago fire which crawled in to the Foothill Ranch area. There are pretty much fires to the north, east, and south. North San Diego County seems to be getting hit hard with over 250,000 people evacuated. I know people who were evacuated. I also know people in the Newhall/Santa Clarita area where there are a number of fires currently burning. And in the area of the Lake Arrowhead fire, I have family and friends that have homes in Crestline and Big Bear — haven’t heard anything regarding their situations.

But, while all is fine in my immediate area there is plenty of smoke and ash in the air. Also, a thin layer of ash has fallen on everything outside and it’s even gotten into the house a bit. There’s an eerie orange tint to everything — a neat effect for Halloween, but not worth the cost to homes and lives.

Google Interactive Map


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One Response to “SoCal Firestorms”

  1. Chris Noeth Says:

    Just saw the fires in the news.
    Hope they get better soon!

    Best wishes,


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