Hero Happy Hour Update

hhhblogtrio.jpgHero Happy Hour is gearing up for its triumphant return. The latest update from the printer indicates that the Hero Happy Hour: Omnibus 01 is currently on the presses. This means that the Hero Happy Hour Super Special Flashback can’t be that far behind. I’m hoping to have both books in my hands by early next week and with any luck they’ll both be available for ordering very soon. Once they’re available you can be assured that I’ll be announcing on how and where to order copies, and information on both titles will be available at the newly redesigned GeekPunk.com (which should be complete and nifty around the same time).

In other Hero Happy Hour news — I’m in the middle of writing the next all-new issue and it’s turning out to be a bigger story than I originally planned. I’m discussing with my co-conspirator Chris Fason (Hero Happy Hour artist) on whether we’ll make it all one big jam packed issue, or break it down into a two-issue story arc. A couple of things that I can reveal about the upcoming issue… Night Ranger will be sporting a new look and an all-new villain is introduced.

And, speaking of Super Specials… The early stages of planning for the next Hero Happy Hour Super Special is underway. What comic book creator talents will be bellying up to the bar this round? Stay tuned.


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