What’s Bringing The Masses Here

One of the nifty aspects of using WordPress is that they provide a daily list of search terms that bring readers to your blog. Some are rather expected, while others can be a bit interesting, if not curious as to why there’s a connection. Below is a list of search terms that brought traffic here during the first seven days in October — with some added commentary for selected terms. Check it out…

dan taylor — Okay, this term is legit.
princess of mars comic book — If only this had ever been published.
ninja logo
rat island eat birds — I believe this band might be opening for the next OzzFest.
people are bastard covered bastards scrubs — One of the best quotes ever from one of the best television shows ever. Like I stated in this post, it needs to be on a t-shirt.
“Shirley Parraguirre”
chicago cubs — Sorry, Cubs fans. Better luck next season.
ninja bandito — Nice to know that people are seeking out Ninja Bandito.
t shirt racks

ninja — A very popular search term I’ve learned.
mad max comics — Again, I think it would be a cool idea.
“rat island”
geek-punk — Hopefully geekpunk.com will see more traffic with the upcoming Hero Happy Hour releases and new site design.
Dan Taylor
ninja bandito
star trek comic book blog — Hmm… I’ll have to see if there is one.
avast ye matey
nerdy t shirt designs

banditos baseball
ragnar t-shirt — I agree — there should definitely be Ragnar t-shirts.
girl ninjas — Mmm… I like this idea.
taylor dan
“David Akers” science fiction fan — I have no idea who David Akers is.
PISARSKI, BETTIE — Nor, do I know a Bettie Pisarski.
dan taylor
halo black t-shirt

ninja — More ninjas.
dan taylor
they’re klingons, not maiden — I’m curious about this one.
dan taylor idw
ninja stickers — I do know Ninja Bandito stickers are available.
i vow to you

dan taylor
Dan Taylor
ninja kirby — I’m thinking Jack Kirby ninjas, but I don’t think that’s what this search was for.
monday primetime
Wednesday + primetime
cheap shirt racks
comic rats
daniel taylor green long march

monday primetime
dustin evans baseball — I didn’t know Dustin played baseball.
net ninja sticker
Ninja Gang
letter to my princess
mondays primetime
2007 American League West Division Champ — Yeah. Sigh.

dan taylor
monday primetime
Dan Taylor
average am commute oceanside carlsbad — I’m glad I’m not making that Monday thru Friday commute to San Diego and back anymore.
shark bite tattoo
ninja stickers — Again, Ninja Bandito stickers are here.
angels rock bar bouncers — I’m interested in the story behind this search.
dan taylor blog


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