Halo 3? Hell No!

Today’s the day — the day the greatest video game of all-time, the first-person shooter developed by Bungie Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360, drops in retail outlets everywhere, forever changing the way video games will be played… Or so the hype would have you believe. Honestly, I’ve got nothing against Halo 3, but I’d be remiss if I’d didn’t make some sort of mention of something this “nerdy.” (That, and why not take advantage of the hype and draw more traffic by mentioning it?) Will I be playing Halo 3? Nope. I don’t own an Xbox 360, nor do I have the time. Video games are the bane of the writer’s life. That’s why I had to sell my PSP.

So, to all you Halophiles (and I’m not talking about extremophiles that thrive in environments with very high concentrations of salt) out there… Throw back a Big Gulp-sized Mountain Dew for me and, “Game on!

One Response to “Halo 3? Hell No!”

  1. Dustin Evans Says:

    I had to rid myself of all my video games too. Mostly because I don’t have time to play them. I was a big Halo 2 fanatic though. Playing online was a blast, but I never played all the way through the storyline, it became boring to me when you compare it to blasting real people online…anywho, yah, I won’t be playing Halo 3 either, but to all the master chiefs suiting up, game on!

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