Getting The Carcinoma Monkey Off Of My Back

Click for larger image -- if you dare.So, last Friday I had a “procedure” done — a little out-patient surgery on my back to remove a nasty basal cell carcinoma. It wasn’t pretty — uglier than the suture that I now have on my right shoulder blade. Honestly, I had let it go on for too long. I had had it originally treated about four years ago, but didn’t follow up to make sure that it had been completely taken care of — it hadn’t. So it came back with a vengeance. A number of excuses kept me from getting it taken care of — no health insurance (for a time), a busy work schedule, if I ignored the problem it would go away (yeah, right), etc…

Not really sure the hows and whys of how I got it. I’m not really a sun worshiper. I believe it may have been caused by an evil person staring evil laser beam glares into my back when it was turned.

But, I finally got into the dermatologist and had the matter looked at, and removed. The doctor told me that it’s going to leave a hell of a scar — which is cool because chicks dig scars. It’s going to look like a shark bite she tells me, so I’ll have to start working on some kind of shark-attack story to go along with it. I also noticed on Sunday morning that there’s a big indentation around the suture. This is where she scraped out all of the affected tissue. The doctor says that’ll grow back, but it freaked the hell out of me when I first noticed — she must of scraped out a healthy portion of prime A shoulder-cut. Over thirty stitches and 15 staples. Ouch. Trust me, it’s as painful as the picture may portray. Your shoulder blade is not a comfortable place to have a three and a half inch fresh suture. Of course, this didn’t stop me from attending two Angels games over the weekend.

So, now you know… Wear your sunscreen and don’t put off doctor visits. And knowing is half the battle.


4 Responses to “Getting The Carcinoma Monkey Off Of My Back”

  1. Monday Morning Musings « Dan Taylor Blog Says:

    […] finally got the staples out of my back from when I had the basal cell carcinoma scraped out of my back three weeks ago. Oh, it feels so much better know. I’ll still have a nasty scar, though […]

  2. Bill Says:

    I found some interesting information about Squamous Cell Carcinoma here. Check it out!

  3. Mitzi Says:

    I’m phobic about skin cancer. My grandfather died from it. He was a red headed farmer. I’m completely jealous of your flippant attitude, as there are three things I dread: skin cancer, electricity(exposed wires,high voltage equipment, welders,etc) and killer breed dogs.

    I hope you’re very healthy now. Not sure about the scar belief though, I don’t find them attractive; but they don’t repulse me either. I guess it does make a guy look tougher, like he can take some pain; if you’re into the rough and tumble type. My husband is very, very rough and tumble, haha. Stay’s hurt all the time! He’s the toughest man I’ve ever met and I married him so maybe you’re onto something there. But be careful, I don’t know many women that are particularly attracted to amputees except for Lieutenant Dan maybe & he’s just a character in a movie.

  4. Rich H Says:

    I now have it (BCC) for the 3rd time in the same spot, right in the middle of my back. My second Moh’s surgery was about the size of yours so it will be interesting to see how they tackle it this time. Your right….leaves a hell of a scar. Our days of being a back moodel are over :-)

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