Tonight Can Be The Night…

scioscia09-20.jpg…That my Angels outright win the AL West Division — in which they have already clinched at least a tie. The Halos’ magic number is 1. One win for the Angels, or one loss for the Mariners and the Division is officially wrapped up. SSeeing how the two teams face off tonight for the second of a four-game series, the last of home series of the regular season for the Halos, it’d be nice to have it happen tonight. The number one reason, other than simply getting the technicality out of the way, is that I’ll be in attendance at tonight’s game.

And if not tonight… Well, I’ve already got tickets secured for Sunday’s final home game of the season. Like the home opener, I haven’t missed either the first or last home game of the season for going on probably seven seasons now. Hmmm… wondering if I need to go to Saturday’s game as well.

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