Two Comic Book Creators You Never Heard Of…

Since I don’t really have anything immediate to promote I thought I’d use a little of my promotion energy to pimp a couple of chumps… I mean, chums of mine — Josh Fialkov and Tony Fleecs. Who the hell are these guys? Well, I’ve known Josh for awhile now. He’s the writer-guy behind Elk’s Run and Punks the Comic. Josh and I enjoy tormenting each other like we’re step-siblings that despise each other’s birth parent that moved in to ruin our individual lives. Tony is the artist-guy who also wrote the nifty In My Lifetime. Someday we’ll eventually do a project together — until then we keep tabs on each other in case of emergency bail money needs.

Basically I’m pimping their signing appearance at Metropolis next Wednesday (September 26th) because I came across the flyer image and dug it — I think it represents a rather accurate portrayal of the two. Nice job, Tony.


This post doesn’t actually mean that I’ll show up though. We’ll see…


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