Prick On A GeekPunk Today

geekpunkbutton.gifIf you’ve been here before you’ve probably noticed the GeekPunk button image at the top of the page. I’m currently working on redesigning the web site — a long overdue chore that I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time (and it ain’t ready yet). The reason being is that we’re gearing up for more Hero Happy Hour comic books — new issues and redesigned reprints — in the near future. The little GeekPunk dude has been a part of my life for about eight years now — ever since my felow co-conspirator and fellow Hero Happy Hour creator Chris Fason sent me a scan of a quick sketch that he did on college-ruled lined paper. As soon as I saw the rough sketch I knew that it was the perfect representation for the GeekPunk “logo” (though it wasn’t colored, yet). The mini GeekPunk button became a staple at comic book conventions that we attended.

geekpunktattoo0908.jpgIn fact, I associated so well with the image that I committed to having it tattooed on my arm — my very first tattoo, as a matter of fact. (I’ll probably get another tattoo or two down the road. Sorry, mom.) A lot of people have commented over the last eight years how much they like “the little guy” and that he should have his own comic book instead of just being a “logo” for a small comic book publisher. (It’s in the works.) And now you can wear your very own GeekPunk image and you don’t even need to spend a couple of hours at the neighborhood tattoo parlor. You can now get your own GeekPunk Button, or 10 GeekPunk Buttons, or 100 GeekPunk Buttons to show the world that you’re a Geek, you’re a Punk, and your proud!


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